Donal, Frances and Oscar

We heard of Problem Paws from a neighbour who couldn’t speak highly enough of Joanne. We asked Joanne to come and help with our dog Oscar who was a bit highly strung. Within the first session at home Oscar could sit, stay and wait. The continuing success of the training depends on the consistency of the owners but Joanne is alway on hand via phone or text to give guidance and encouragement. We asked Joanne to come back and help with lead training since Oscar pulled like a train on his lead and appeared to dislike every dog he met.… Read more “Donal, Frances and Oscar”

Loretta and Daisy

Joanne has worked miracles with out 18 month old Cocker Spaniel. Daisy is a rescue dog who had been in 2 different pounds so had been bounced round quite a bit. When we got Daisy she was suffering badly from separation anxiety, was constantly uptight and couldn’t relax, snapped & bit at everyone, pulled constantly on the lead and reacted badly to dogs, cars and people walking by – everything upset her. It was so sad so see Daisy constantly wound up and anxious. We tried reassuring her, did a reactive training course, bought toys and vet recommended food but… Read more “Loretta and Daisy”

Mary and Ruby

Ruby just loves going to Joanne’s for the day! She takes him to all the best places and when he gets home he has had so much fun with Joanne and her dog that he sleeps all the next day. We have used Problem Paws since Joanne first trained Ruby as a puppy. We took an instant liking to her as she is so good with Ruby and did such an amazing job teaching us how to keep some control over our excited little dog! We have since recommended Problem Paws to many new dog owners, and will continue to… Read more “Mary and Ruby”

Roisin and Tilly

I found the training very enjoyable and it works! My St. Bernard was already 8 months old when I began the training and to see her pick up on Joanne’s training methods so fast was unbelievable considering I thought she would never obey me! My bond with Tilly is much stronger now; she has her limitations and finally now knows who is boss! I am very pleased with the outcome of the training sessions, I think what Joanne does is… Read more “Roisin and Tilly”

Ann and Bailey

I have a beautiful Cavalier King Charles called Bailey and he is one year old. He did not have any bad behavioural traits but needed guidance to curve is enthusiasm for life, hence we joined the July 2010 class with Joanne at Problem Paws. Note that I say we went as I needed to be trained as much as Bailey did! We attended our first class and what a difference it made. He was under control sat when asked and stayed and waited for his food. The puppy madness had been curbed but we still had a lot of fun.… Read more “Ann and Bailey”

Edel and Missie

My dog Missie and I have just completed Joanne’s beginners and intermediate agility classes. Each week we looked forward to the class and I was thrilled with the quick progress we made as the weeks went by. Apart from the social aspect (it was great being able to let the dogs mingle in such a safe and controlled environment) during each class the dogs got a real workout and I drove home every evening with a very content pooch snoring in the back of the car! The classes are fun, instructions clear and questions welcomed. You are given simple exercises… Read more “Edel and Missie”

Michéal and Gigi

Gigi is my 4 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who I rescued when when she was 9 months old. When she arrived in my house I found she had some behavioural issues. After sending Gigi to several different residential dog trainers, her behaviour still did not improve. I also felt that the training methods used were quite harsh on Gigi. I soon enlisted the help of Joanne. From the first time she visited I noticed a vast change in Gigi. Both her obedience and general behaviour have improved a lot – for example, she no longer lunges herself onto any… Read more “Michéal and Gigi”

Susan and Rolo

My 2 year old dog, Rolo, recently attended both a Beginner’s Agility class and an Intermediate Agility class organised and run by Joanne Byrne, Problem Paws. Before the class Joanne spoke to me in detail about what the class would entail and how to prepare Rolo for the class. The class itself took place in Ravensdale Equestrian Centre which was a great place as it was safe and secure with plenty of room for everyone. The classes were small, 6 dogs, and well organised. The equipment provided was great and gave Rolo a real challenge, which she relished. Each week… Read more “Susan and Rolo”

Claire and Oswald

Exceptional dog trainer highly recommended. Having a Bernese Mountain Dog Oswald who is borderline seven stone, to say the least he is a very powerful creature. I contacted Joanne as he was so strong and pulling on the lead. I had tried several gadgets and devices in the past. All of them worked for short periods and after a few days usage he would figure out how to pull against them or how to pull them off. After a few minutes of utilising Joanne’s technique to walk the dog I was amazed at how enjoyable walking with my dog was… Read more “Claire and Oswald”

Barry and Tia

Joanne was fantastic in helping me choose a dog that was perfect for my family. I have a 75 year old mother with MS and a brother with epilepsy, so I needed a dog with a even and gentle temperament. Joanne helped me choose the right bread for our family – a basset hound called Tia, and she is now a much loved and great member of our family. All the training was done when Tia was a pup, such as sit, stay, into bed and toilet training. All this was done to the highest of standards. Even now that… Read more “Barry and Tia”

Margaret and Teddy

I have a cavalier King Charles called Teddy and he is two & half years old. The old saying that you cant teach an old dog new trick is rubbish. Teddy is a great dog but his excitement can some times get him into trouble. We started the class with Joanne and after just one lesson I had learned where I was making mistakes and blaming Teddy for it. I have learned that if you don’t have control you cannot expect the dog to have it. Although Teddy is a great dog he is much happier now he knows what… Read more “Margaret and Teddy”

Sharon and Jack

My Jack Russell Terrior ‘Jack’ was behaving very badly at the time of contact with Joanne – biting me and my friends, he was also very dangerous around children. Jack had no manners and wouldn’t do what was asked of him. He would growl if anyone except me took him off the couch and was generally a very bold and strong willed Dog. When Joanne arrived she asked me to fill in a questionnaire which outlined the feeding and exercising routine which Jack was experiencing. She then examined his living quarters and assessed if everything in his living environment was… Read more “Sharon and Jack”

Darren and Oscar

When I joined the training as with everything I was very sceptical bit after the first hour I realised just how good Joanne was! How quickly she got the pups/dogs to respond and everything she did was aimed at building a bond between dog and owner. All I can say now is that Oscar is a very well mannered pup and I was sorry when the training came to an end as I found it very enjoyable. I couldn’t recommend Joanne enough all I can say is she is… Read more “Darren and Oscar”

Patricia and Buster

When Buster arrived here as a tiny puppy we had no idea the journey that lay ahead. He quickly developed into the equivalent of a very demanding toddler and at this point I’d say he’s like a very boisterous and demanding teenager. Before we found Joanne, I really didn’t know what to do next. Buster knew no boundaries, I mean he knew all the commands (I had after all spent a fortune with several trainers) and sometimes he even obeyed them, when he felt like it! He could walk to heel in the sense that he understood what he was… Read more “Patricia and Buster”