Loretta and Daisy

Joanne has worked miracles with out 18 month old Cocker Spaniel. Daisy is a rescue dog who had been in 2 different pounds so had been bounced round quite a bit.

When we got Daisy she was suffering badly from separation anxiety, was constantly uptight and couldn’t relax, snapped & bit at everyone, pulled constantly on the lead and reacted badly to dogs, cars and people walking by – everything upset her. It was so sad so see Daisy constantly wound up and anxious. We tried reassuring her, did a reactive training course, bought toys and vet recommended food but nothing helped. It got so bad that we were afraid of what she might do next. A very desperate internet search turned up Problem Paws and I liked everything I read on the site so I contacted Joanne and told her all of our woes.

Joanne said she would come to the house to assess Daisy and warned me that she would be very honest as to whether or not Daisy could be helped. From the minute Joanne walked in the door Daisy was a changed dog – the relief was unbelievable! After the 2 hour assessment, Joanne said she could help Daisy but it would take work from everyone in Daisy’s world and we would all have to be consistent – basically it’s as much about training the owner as the dog!

Over the last few months we’ve all learned so much from Joanne and Daisy has improved beyond recognition. She is calmer, more affectionate, has stopped biting and snapping. Daisy will now listen to us – she has learned to sit, lie down and stay on command and is improving walking on the lead and getting better at not reacting to everything when we are out.

Daisy loves to see Joanne coming and behaves perfectly for her – way better than she does for us! I can’t recommend Joanne enough, she is an amazing trainer and behaviourist and we are so grateful to her for helping Daisy (and us!).