Claire and Oswald

Exceptional dog trainer highly recommended. Having a Bernese Mountain Dog Oswald who is borderline seven stone, to say the least he is a very powerful creature. I contacted Joanne as he was so strong and pulling on the lead. I had tried several gadgets and devices in the past. All of them worked for short periods and after a few days usage he would figure out how to pull against them or how to pull them off. After a few minutes of utilising Joanne’s technique to walk the dog I was amazed at how enjoyable walking with my dog was and we have now retired from our tug of war games. We now love going on outings together and I no longer have to have another helper or handler with me.

Joanne really takes the time to get to know the individual dog’s personality and carries out a full assessment in the dog’s home, discussing and educating you on a broad range of things from doggie diet to health. She evaluates the home environment and is intuitive about the area’s the handler needs to work on.

Joanne has excellent communication skills and teaches you with clear instructions step by step how to counteract problems. Thanks Joanne- the Irish Dog Whisperer.