One-to-one Training and Problem Solving

Joanne can help you and your dog overcome a multitude of problems. Just some of them are listed here.

Problems solved include:

  • aggression (towards other dogs or humans)
  • distruction
  • food agression
  • seperation anxiety
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • excessive barking
  • noise phobia

and lots more…….

One-to-one training makes sure the training program is tailor made to suit you and your needs. First thing is an assessment to find out the individual needs and problems you are facing with your dog – then using kind and affective methods, helping you to acheve attainable goals, building on your success.

What’s available:

  • lead walking
  • sit
  • stay
  • wait
  • come
  • down
  • stop nipping
  • stop jumping
  • go to bed

and lots more…….